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Bite Back invites Jake Conroy! A Case For Campaigns: Making Change Instead of Asking For It

03-09-2019 @ 18:30 - 21:00

Jake Conroy - A Case for Campaigns, making change instead of asking for it

On the 3rd of September Bite Back invites Jake Conroy in Ghent. Jake is a long time activist and a great speaker, delivering thought provoking critiques and inspiring ideas. Check him out on FB and IG as ‘the cranky vegan’ and don’t miss his ‘Are we winning’ episodes on YouTube, where he discusses strategy, activism and effectiveness.

Entrance is free, registration is mandatory through
The talk will be in English.

➡️ A Case For Campaigns: Making Change Instead of Asking For It

As the grassroots animal rights movement focuses more and more on individual lifestyle changes through educational outreach and vigils, the numbers of animals slaughtered every year continues to rise. What can we do to slow and eventually stop this increase? By focusing our pressure on corporations and industries rather than relying on the individual, we can begin to shift this trend. Looking at previous animal rights campaigns as well other successful movements, we can begin to see how real world change is possible.

➡️ Jake Conroy is a long-time activist, designer, and writer currently residing in Seattle, WA USA. He has helped organize and participated in successful local, regional, national and international pressure campaigns. He also helped build the foundation of the grassroots campaign SHAC USA, and subsequently arrested by the US government for his role. Dubbed the SHAC7, Jake and his codefendants were found guilty and he was sentenced to 4 years in federal prison.

Currently, Jake works at the Rainforest Action Network, an international organization using pressure campaigns to stop rainforest deforestation, fossil fuel extraction, and support human rights. He can be found pontificating online as the Cranky Vegan, where he irritates everyone with his thoughts on the tactics, strategies and optics of the grassroots animal rights movement.

➡️ The event is wheelchair accessible.

Doors: 18h30
Start: 19h00
End: 21h00


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18:30 - 21:00
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